Types of Tools Used by Java Application Developers

Java is one of the most popular programming languages. This programming language is widely used by developers when they are building web applications, mobile apps, web services and desktop GUI application. As a developer, you are required to have robust frameworks, development tools, and IDEs. This will help you in writing applications in Java more efficiently and rapidly.

These professionals have the option of choosing from different types of IDEs, Java frameworks, and other development tools. The following are the main types of Java development tools, IDEs and Java frameworks theta re widely used by developers.

JavaServer Faces Technology

Oracle has developed this tool. It has become one of the official web frameworks for Java. It has helped many programmers in creating websites rapidly. It has also made the presentation process better by separating the different layers from application logic. In addition to this, it has a component tag that is used in connecting the presentation layers of a project and the application logic without writing an additional code.java server

Spring MVC

This is one of the most popular Java web frameworks. It is helpful in simplifying the common programming tasks such as web services creation, security, and database integration. Programmers also use spring boot in creating Java web applications even without dealing with complex XML configurations. It also comes with production-ready features such as metrics, health checks, and externalized configuration. Their modern version is equipped with an advanced command line tools that enable the programmers to run prototype web application and Groovy Scripts quickly using Spring.


This is another tool that has made it es for the programmers to write some serve-sie commonest in Java. It is also used in developing web UIs. Vaadin elements also contain customized elements that are used in business applications. In addition to this, they can use other components such as data grids, charts, and a combo box. It has also helped developers in making their web applications mobile-friendly, interactive as well as reducing the coding time.

Gooogle Web ToolKit

This is another toolkit that was developed by Google. Developers have been using it to compile Java codes Into JavaScripts. The compilation process is meant to enhance performance and Accessibility of a website. This tool includes a development server, a compiler along with widgets and core Java APIs. These are major components that are used by developers when they are writing client-side applications.