When it comes to your household plumbing, sewer line is recognized as the most essential parts of your plumbing in your home. When this becomes damaged or clogged, it can result in unsolicited problems in your home. Damaged or offset pipes can possibly become costly to repair or repair. Hence, the quicker you can identify a clogged or broken sewer line, the more you can repair it without involving too much cost or hassle. Here are the following warning signs to pay attention for that can indicate that there’s a sewer line blockage: 

The need to plunge constantly  

When you think that you tend to experience more toilet clogs now than the usual, consider this as a sign that the actual clog issue may be present deep down in your drainage system. This can also be associated with your kitchen. Observe whether it runs or clogs slowly than it normally does. What’s true here is that if you’ve got multiple slow drains in your home, that is a great sign that a clogged sewer is the source of the issue.    

Your sinks and bathtub drain slowly 

If you have an issue with your sewer line, your bathtub, toilets, or sinks will tend to drain slowly or not at all. If this happens, a lot of fixtures can surely be affected. For example, when the sink of your washing area backs up or the toilet overflows while using your washing machine, this is a definite warning sign that indicates that there’s a blockage within the drain pipes.   

Ask for the professional plumber’s assistance  

A clogged sewer line can’t be fixed just by using OTC chemicals or a plunger. For you to clear out the debris and roots on your sewer line, an expert cleaning will be needed with the help of a long-lasting sewer clean and electric drain machine. Such equipment has a still and sturdy steel cable with a piercing blade on its tip. As the cable travels and spins via the sewer pipe, it can cut away any blockages. This machine can also aid to shave down the roots to the pipe walls to return your sewer pipe’s full flow. Once this equipment fails to reach over the pipe, your trusted plumbing technician can ask for a video cam checkup of the pipeline sewer to assure the blockage cause and where it is. A skilled point of view can suggest repair options to property owners once they can detect problems that need to be resolved right away.   

After checking the possible warning signs above and you’ve observed that your main sewer line is really clogged, make sure to reach out to the expert plumbers in Santa Maria right away to help you sort your problems out for you. If interested, give us a call today or whenever you want. Our representatives will be returning and answering your calls and emails as soon as they can. Also, you can check on our website today to know more of the plumbing services that we can provide to our clients.